Viva La Vulva! Six Times Fashion Paid Homage to Female Sexual Organs

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is a familiar principle, but what about your uterus?

Radical Softness: A Strong Vision, Softly Spoken

Hyperfemininity is challenging the suit to its power-dressing crown. Could radical softness be the new frontier of femininity in fashion?

Decoding The Myth Of The Muse In Popular Culture

99% of the time, a muse is female, becoming "realized" only in relation to something else. From Greek mythology to modern art to Instagram influencer culture, the concept has endured and evolved.

The Fall and Rise of Low-Slung Jeans

Are you ready to take the plunge (again)? Low-rise jeans have made a comeback on runways and a coterie of celebrities.

Jillian Mercado on What the Fashion Industry Needs to Learn about Inclusivity and Disability

"In front of the camera, I was creating more impact than I ever thought I could. My dream was to become an editor, but life threw me a curve: I had a responsibility to help pave the way for people who wanted to be in this business but weren't given the opportunity."

The Necessity of Queering Clothes

Creating a personal vernacular is exactly what it means to be queer to me. To take apart the ill-fitting wholes and put the pieces back together in a way that displays not only the parts of your body that you love but the parts of your personality, for better or worse, that you love too.

Fecal Matter on Authenticity, Inspiration, and their Otherworldly Style

"We love being uncomfortable. I guess we seek discomfort. It’s where we feel vulnerable and that’s where the creative juices flow for us."

Susan Cianciolo’s Radical Vision Transcends Art and Clothing

The artist has willfully blurred the supposed distinctions between art, craft, and fashion throughout her career.

3 Angelenos Share their Favorite LA Haunts

Rachel Nguyen, Monroe Alvarez, and Brittany Colombo talk comfort food, sustainable shopping, and indulgent self-care. Bonus: the girls model some favorite looks from PERFECT NUMBER's SS'19 collection.

Is Sextech Doing Enough to be Inclusive?

The industry must recognize that women and non-binary clients are more than a mere secondary market -- they’re the future of sextech.

Betty Freeman: Beverly Hills Housewife

Betty Freeman, the subject of David Hockney's iconic "Beverly Hills Housewife" painting, was neither a stereotypical housewife nor a stereotypical patron of the arts. She was a woman guided by her own intelligence, taste, and determination.

Artist and Musician Annahstasia on Identity, Los Angeles, and Artistry

"I think art is first and foremost an internal experience, an internal reflection of the world. But the art doesn’t become real and I can’t really form an opinion on it until I’ve shared it."

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