Why the Silk Neck Scarf is Making a Comeback

It’s the great trick of fashion: constant reinvention. Endless potential for plundering the past and offering it up anew.

Is The Fashion Industry Still Failing at Trans Inclusivity?

Despite a previous lack of media coverage, trans models aren’t exactly a new phenomenon – it’s just that, in the past, they’ve had their careers ruined by transphobia.

Designers Are Using the Yin Yang to Express Balance in an Unbalanced World

Considering our turbulent socio-political circumstances, it makes sense that designers are using this particular symbol to appease the tension we feel in our daily lives.

Emily Segal, Co-founder of K-HOLE and Nemesis, on Defining Yourself, Craft in Creativity, and Selling Out

"Ultimately, everyone has to figure out how to support themselves and establish a moving target of authenticity - and there’s no formula for that. It’s something personal you have to figure out for yourself."

Why Aren’t Fashion Documentaries More Critical?

Can the films serve as more than fluffy marketing material to fuel clothing sales?

Melodie Yashar on Design Thinking, NASA, and Women in STEM

"I struggle with the pull between women being under the radar and letting their work speak for themselves or really drawing attention to the work that amazing, empowered badass female scientists and engineers are doing because they deserve that recognition that they haven't gotten for decades and decades."

7 Ways Bill Cunningham Changed Street Style Photography

Fashion photography had traditionally been glamorous, glossy and beautiful, far away from the everyday. Cunningham made it unpretentious, with no frills.

HANA on Livestreaming the Creation of Her New Album and Otherworldly Style

"I’ve made amazing artist friends who inspire me and also know the struggle of being an independent artist. LA feels like it’s on the cusp of something really energetic with the independent art community."

Madame Gandhi on Elevating Feminine Voices and Rebranding Gender

"One of the biggest problems I see in our culture is that we associate masculinity with strength (i.e. desirable) and femininity with weakness (i.e. undesirable). We first need to reframe that idea of what is feminine and what is masculine in a way that each can appeal to all genders."

How the Daisy Came to Represent Optimism In Fashion

From youthful innocence to countercultural ideals, to anti-capitalism, the flower has seen, and represented, it all.

The Rise of Non-Binary Fashion

Hopefully, it won't be a trend, but a way to respect, support and uplift the genderqueer community.

Could New Tech Solve Fashion’s Sustainability Crisis?

With technology increasing the pressure on brands to lower their carbon footprint and offering start-ups a handful of innovative, sustainable solutions, there’s still hope that the fashion industry can begin to make up for the damage done so far.

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