Unformatting Femininity with Annahstasia, Mela Murder, and Casil McArthur

Our campaign models tell us about their unconventional career paths, fluid nature of beauty and femininity, and pushing back against traditional industries.

What do Knock-offs Mean in the Age of Vetements-Balenciaga?

Street brands and fast fashion companies have been looking to high fashion for heavy-handed inspiration in recent years, but are knockoffs something to be proud of?

Jamila Woods on Poetry, Black Girl Magic, and her New Album

"I think I associate making something, nurturing something, growing things with the feminine. That's what I really observed in my grandma and my mom. And especially black femininity, making something out of nothing -- when I hear Black Girl Magic, that's what I think of: the idea that you're just going to make it work regardless of what materials you're given or who's believing in you or supporting you."

The Politics of Shapewear

Could shapewear be reinvented to be truly contemporary, or is it time we radically reframed our perspective on the body?

Is Clowning Having a Moment in Fashion?

We’re experiencing one of the weirdest, most bombastic cultural moments, in which clown-like theatrics have become the norm.

Mia Carucci on DJing, her Crossover Career, and the best LA Parties

"When you’re brought outside your body by something you’ve never heard before, that creates an emotional spark. And I love creating that moment for people through the music that has done the same for me."

Miya Folick on Los Angeles, Music, and Living in Flux

"I like to see what people are doing and build a community that I’m involved in. I’m not making anything in isolation. I’m always learning from other people."

The Return of the Square Toe

How ironic that the very style informing the English language’s definition of out-of-touch is once again finding favor: the silhouette and its passionate haters appear to have reached a détente.

Hold My Call: The Metaphor of the Phone Call in Street Style Photography

The semiotics of being captured mid-call changes the subject from a passive object to be looked at to someone who happens to have a great outfit but has more important things to do than stop and pose for a picture — an attempt at authenticity within the highly fabricated realm of fashion.

The Return of Tie-Dye: Nostalgia, Idealism, Uncertainty

Splatters, circles, and acid brights highlight the parallels between the instability and transformation of the 1960s and today’s cultural climate.

SHAVONE on Disrupting Tech, Culture, and Femininity

The modern Renaissance woman maintains passionate advocacy for women of color in tech while trailblazing an uncompromising artistic path all her own.

Viva La Vulva! Six Times Fashion Paid Homage to Female Sexual Organs

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is a familiar principle, but what about your uterus?

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